Thursday, October 2, 2008


Applying for a passport can be a casual sort of experience if the exercise is taken seriously and all necessary precautions are taken at the time of filling out the application form.

Here are some useful tips :

* Use capital letters only.
* Particulars given in the form will get printed in the passport, therefore, be careful in filling up the form and avoid any mistakes. Any mistakes on your part may result in delay in issuance of your passport. Further, any mistake carried over from the Application Form to your Passport will be extremely difficult to have rectified by the Passport Office.
* Use black/blue ball pen only
* Do not fill the form with a pencil or an ink-pen.
* While filling up the boxes, leave one box blank after each completed word.
* Write clearly within the box without touching the boundaries.
* Adjust the information to fit within the number of given boxes.
* Do not write anything outside the box.
* Avoid over-writing.
* Do not leave any columns blank. Incomplete application will not be accepted.
* Put your signatures or thumb impression within the box, it should not cross over the box.
* You must have a Proof of Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Educational Qualification and Proof of Residence before you think of applying for your Passport.
* If you have ever changed your name, it must be supported by documentary evidence.
* If you are married at the time of applying for your Passport, proof of marriage will be expected of you.
* If, at the time of applying for your passport, you have been living at one single address for the last one year or more, police verification will be easy. If you move after applying for your Passport, expect delays.



kelsang said...

hi..i went through ur site and oh lord.. am so thankful to finally find someone online who dont sound like fake.
anyways,,, i wish to apply for new pp. i have pan card, old ration card but on other address,lease agreement, approved birth certificate wch i do not use coz there is one word spellin mistake wch i didnt bother to change so far coz i have to travel far and besides i have 10th certificate.
i also have temp driving license and should be gettin my permanent license on saturday, canara bank account since may this year. all the documents are recently done. so are the documents strong enough to apply for one? or should i wait till i get my voters id done wch i found on website that cant be done bfr 10th jan.submitting the form i mean, i dont know how long the actual voters id card will take.
pls advice me. i have appointment on tuesday. i shall not go if the documents are not good enough!
if u can be of any help further on for documents. the charges... all the detail possible on my email. thank u.
ms dolma

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